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Dustin Vonach short clip!

A short clip of Dustin Vonach rolling around and having fun! Filmed by everybody and edited by David K. Weber

Published on: 22 July 2015
Posted by: yama
bild zeigt shitfoot logo

Shitfoot Mongoland!

If you hit the road towards Berlin these days, make sure to visit the stupidly named and skater owned Shitfoot Mongoland Tradeshow from July 8th till 10th! This is about skateboarding. We are skaters. See you all there!

Published on: 6 July 2015
Posted by: yama
bild zeigt corner store grafik

Inside Cornerstore

Yo, get Fridos Cornerstore video at your local skate shop! What you get? Well, Muki fs 5050 and Oski flip fs 5050, for example!

Published on: 27 June 2015
Posted by: yama
muki beer coaster

Pro model beer coaster!

Pro model shoes? Muki Rüstig pro model beer coaster! F**king great surprise, thanx, Ashes Griptape! #wurstcasescenario  

Published on: 1 June 2015
Posted by: yama
skaterat arena

WURST Tour is on!

We had a blast at the CORNERSTORE video premiere by Frido Entertainment and kick off of the WURST CASE SCENARIO skate tour on Saturday! Next stops Linz, June 3 and Bregenz, June 6. See you there! What’s the WURST CASE SCENARIO tour like?        

Published on: 1 June 2015
Posted by: yama
bild zeigt corner store grafik

Cornerstore Video Premiere

A Vienna Skateboard Movie by Frido Fiebinger starring: Muki Rüstig, Antonio Aiello, Jan Federer, Thomas Fuchs, Frido Fiebinger, Christian Schörghofer, Flo Fischbauer, Elias Assmuth, Mario Wirnsberger, the Turtle Crew & Friends Screenings: May 30 Arena Wien, Baumgasse 80, 1030 Wien doors: 8 pm video premiere: 9.30 pm live on stage: Pastor, Egypt & Tombstones exhibition: […]

Published on: 6 May 2015
Posted by: yama


We prefer the streets, but hey, Vienna ain’t sunny California… Parking with us: Paul Labadie! Watch Parked No°1

Published on: 30 April 2015
Posted by: yama
wcs logo


The Wurst Case Scenario A Skateboard Tour through Austria, from Vienna to Bregenz. with: Yama Skateboards, FRANK skateboards, Antiz Skateboards, ITÄ, Witchcraft Hardware and Antihero Skateboards. Presented by Vans, Volcom, Dakine and Ashes Griptape. 8 days – 6 teams – 6 vans. skating – camping – barbecues. no challenges – no winner – no loser. […]

Published on: 15 April 2015
Posted by: yama

Winter is over!

Ante with a little fs flip and Muki with a little ollie, wintertime skatepark skating is over! Watch it here!

Published on: 13 April 2015
Posted by: yama

Elias in Cannes

We had some good times with Flo Tourdre drinking beer, skating and fishing. Elias Assmuth in Cannes short clip.

Published on: 29 March 2015
Posted by: yama